I’ve been into bag making recently and the process seems to work really well with my current day-to-day schedule. I can do one step, go help the kids with schoolwork, do another step, get dinner ready, etc. Each little step feels like a lot of progress and before I know it, I have a whole project completed!

As I’ve worked my way through making bags, I’ve found that when I try to iron small binding strips or other tiny pieces, my steam iron (which I love) has a tendency to blast steam on my poor fingers. It’s hard to hold those tiny pieces in place with the iron so close and not have the steam burn me.

Enter the Misting Spray bottle!! I have never owned a misting spray bottle before, but I immediately fell in love with this one from Riley Blake Designs. I gently mist the fabric, iron it without steam and can still get crisp pressed lines while saving my fingers from burns. I definitely call that a win!

I know a lot of quilters also love their misting spray bottle to use with liquid starch spray. I generally don’t use starch, but can imagine that misting a piece of fabric would be more effective than spraying with a regular spray bottle. You’d get a more uniform spray and use less starch, too.

These Open Wide pouches (By Annie pattern) were the perfect project to break in my RBD Misting Spray bottle! The pouches have lots of small binding strips to iron and the misting bottle saved my fingers from the steam of my iron. For these Open Wide pouches, I used the new Splendor fabric line by Jen Allyson and am in love with the charming florals and gorgeous colors.

You can find the Open Wide pouch pattern on the By Annie website HERE and check with your favorite local or online quilt shop for the RBD Misting Spray Bottle and Splendor fabric.

Happy sewing!


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