Have you made a buffalo plaid quilt yet? I made my first buffalo plaid quilt 3-4 years ago. It was red and black and made entirely from flannel (in other words, it weighs a ton, but is well loved during wintertime!). I didn’t realize that there were any online tutorials, so I figured out the fabric requirements and cutting instructions myself (which really isn’t a difficult task since you’re just dealing with squares).

A few months ago, we got a new bed frame and mattress for our boy and I thought a black and white buffalo plaid quilt would be perfect on his new bed. This time around, I wanted to make the plaid jumbo sized for a big impact and fast finish. I chose Riley Blake’s Confetti Cotton because it has such a softness to it. If you haven’t tried their solids lately, you really should–they are so soft to the touch!

The backing is flannel (Riley Blake Kisses in Steel) so it’s still warm and cozy, I quilted it with the Too Simple pantograph, and bound using Confetti Cotton solid in black.

I realize that there are many other online tutorials, but wanted to share the specifics for my jumbo plaid quilt, so I’ve added a tutorial below. Enjoy!

Finished Quilt Size: 67″ x 86″

Fabric Requirements:

Black: 1 1/2 yard
Gray: 2 1/4 yard
White: 1 yard
Backing: 4 yards (with a vertical seam in the backing)
Binding: 1/2 yard

The fabric I used for the quilt top is Confetti Cotton solids in Black, Riley Gray, and Riley White from Riley Blake Designs.

Cutting instructions:

Black: cut (5) 10″ x WOF strips. Subcut into (20) 10″ x 10″ squares.
Gray: cut (8) 10″ x WOF strips. Subcut into (31) 10″ x 10″ squares.
White: cut (3) 10″ x WOF strips. Subcut into (12) 10″ x 10″ squares.

Assemble the quilt top:

Layout the black, gray, and white squares as shown below. Sew the blocks into rows, pressing seams toward the gray squares. Sew the rows together, press all seams in one direction.

7 thoughts on “Jumbo Buffalo Plaid Quilt – Easy Tutorial

  1. Oh thank you so much for taking the time to share this. I made some buffalo plaid curtains for my granddaughter as she requested them. She will be getting married in Oct. I will be making this as a wedding shower gift.

  2. Pretty! I’m a beginner and this looks like one I might be able to accomplish. The quilting is gorgeous. Is it done on a long arm or possible with a regular machine? Is there somewhere I can purchase the Too Simple pantograph? I was thinking about making a baby quilt. Thanks!

  3. I really like this pattern. I want to make this for my son but with 2 colors so how many squares would i need for each color to get a full size? I cant wait to try this.

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