I can never get enough of a good rainbow gradient–so cheerful and always puts a smile on my face! When I saw that Sandy Gervais was putting out a fun new basic line called Texture with Riley Blake, I knew the vibrant colors would be perfect for my new Kaleidoscope FPP pattern.

I started off by making some 4″ x 4″ blocks from the Kaleidoscope foundation paper piecing pattern (found HERE). Since I wanted a gradient of colors, I made sixteen blocks total: one red block, two orange blocks, three yellow blocks, four green blocks, three blue blocks, two purple blocks, and one pink block. Those numbers gave me a good flow of colors from corner to corner.

The Kaleidoscope blocks sew together pretty fast since there are only a few seams in each one. and it was fun to add the colorful blocks to my pile and watch the rainbow come alive.

After making the sixteen blocks, they were sewn together into a 4 x 4 panel (it measures 16.5″ x 16.5″ and is the perfect size for a pillow cover, although I’m thinking I’d like to save it for a different project). The paper backs have all been removed and now I’ve just been enjoying the splash of color in my sewing space.


The colors of the Riley Blake Texture fabric is mesmerizing and while I absolutely love the colors all together, each color is wonderful on its own, too! I used thirteen colors in my Kaleidoscope panel, but you can see there are many more colors in the Texture line to play with!

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