Sometimes you find a print that is so incredibly awesome that you have no choice but to design an entire quilt around it. This black astrophysics print is from the NASA Apollo 11 line by Riley Blake Designs and when I saw it, I knew I needed a quilt centered around this fun graphic fabric. 

Growing up, I was absolutely crazy about all things NASA. I loved science and even ended up getting a bachelor’s degree in Physics with dreams of possibly working for NASA someday. Over the years, I spent many years writing notes and solving problems with figures and equations that looked just like this print! So you can imagine how much I was geeking out over it.


To highlight the astrophysics print. I decided to go with a simple, modern plus quilt. The background is Confetti Cotton Riley White and the backing is Riley Blake Dreamy Minky in Sweet Mint (such a beautiful color!).  The binding is my all-time favorite stripe–Riley Blake’s black and white 1/4″ stripe. I’ve used this exact stripe on too many projects to count! I wanted to tie in the Sweet Mint backing color to the front of the quilt, so I added a small stripe of Riley Blake’s Kisses, also in Sweet Mint (I love that they coordinate colors across different prints and fabrics–it makes it so easy to get an exact match!).

The bold graphic nature of this simple quilt really makes the plus shapes pop and the astrophysics print makes it all the more special. 🙂 

The NASA Apollo 11 line has several other fun prints, so if you have a science, math, or engineering nerd (I use that term fondly) in your life, you’ll definitely want to check this new fabric line out!

2 thoughts on “Simple Plus Quilt

  1. Now you got me hooked. Physics is not easy, although one son thought so and did his 2 semesters of science in it. What did you do with your physics degree? Did you apply to NASA? You don’t have to answer if you don’t wish to 🙂

  2. What a great way to showcase the Apollo 11 fabric! My hubby has an engineering degree with a minor in physics — me a degree in Chemistry with a minor in biology — we share your love of science ♥♥

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