Meet the Hemingway Pouch! It’s a fast and easy pattern with a unique diagonal zipper that really elevates the look!

The Hemingway Pouch comes with four size options: perfect for fitting everything from eye glasses to iPads.

The Hemingway Pouch pattern has clear, easy to follow instructions, full color diagrams, and is available as a digital download so you can get sewing right away. You can find the Hemingway Pouch pattern in my shop HERE.


I get asked all the time about where to find specific supplies, so I thought I’d put together a list of items that I have personally purchased and used for the Hemingway Pouch (and other bag sewing projects). Many of the products are linked to Amazon, because I know that’s an easy source for a lot of people to purchase items from. Please feel free to check out other options, too, as you might be able to find the products elsewhere.

Supply Recommendations:


I recommend using a larger size #4.5 or #5 zipper by the yard, as the zipper pull will need to be removed and put back on for the Hemingway Pouch pattern. The larger zippers are generally easier to get the pull back on than a standard size #3 zipper that you’d find at a store like JoAnn Crafts or Hobby Lobby. In addition, zippers by the yard allow you to cut exactly how much zipper tape you need and usually come with extra zipper pulls to use for additional projects.

By Annie zippers by the yard: Amazon or Missouri Star Quilt Co
Sallie Tomato zippers by the yard (I’ve used Sallie Tomato zippers in both size #3 and size #5 and they are both high quality and easy to get the pull back on): Missouri Star Quilt Co.
Metal Look zippers by the yard for a great price (I’ve purchased this brand multiple times and really like them!): Amazon
Zipper Valley Zippers have a great variety of colors and options: Zipper Valley

Quilting material:

I prefer using Soft and Stable in between my layers as I quilt. Soft and Stable is a foam stabilizer that gives more structure and protection than a regular batting. There are other foam stabilizers (like Pellon Flex Foam) that also work well–just make sure you are getting a big enough piece for your project. You can also use regular batting like Warm and Natural or Hobbs Heirloom batting (these pouches are GREAT for using up batting scraps left over from quilts!).

Soft and Stable: Amazon
Pellon Flex Foam: Amazon. (Pellon Flex Foam comes in 20″ width, so make sure it’s big enough for your project! Also, Pellon Flex Foam has fusible options–I prefer the non-fusible versions, but the fusible work well, too).

Other Sewing Supplies:

Hera Marker for marking straight quilting lines: Amazon
Wonder Binding Clips. (I use these ALL the time to hold things in place while I sew): Amazon
Zipper Jig for easily getting zipper pulls back on. I tried this and was amazed at how well it worked! Amazon link

Please let me know if you have any other supply recommendations. You can always look at my Amazon Favorites page HERE for items that I have purchased and use regularly.

Happy sewing!


32 thoughts on “The Hemingway Pouch + Supply Recommendations

  1. Patricia White says:

    I have purchased your patterns and love them. However, I’m finding it difficult to put the pull backs on the zippers. What am I doing wrong?

    • centerstreetquilts says:

      Hi Patricia,
      I’m sorry you’re struggling with that step! I’ve found that the larger size #5 zippers are easier to get the pull back on. I’ll also be sharing some tips on instagram over the next couple weeks that will hopefully help with that part.

  2. I bought your pattern and made one earlier in January. I used the piece I cut off and the other half of the zipper and made a little one. So cute!
    Do you have this in paper patterns? I teach at a local quilt shop, and they ask us to use paper patterns that they can order. I would love to teach this project.

    • centerstreetquilts says:

      Hi Linda,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed making the pattern! I don’t have the pattern available as paper patterns yet. But keep watching, because I’m hoping to have some soon!! 🙂

  3. Thank you, and I already got the pattern from you several weeks ago..just need to locate..I think it’s under some

  4. Inside of my fabric pieces. I use Bosal in-r-foam. It comes in fusible or plain and is made in America. I use the fusible because I can do little to no quilting and I don’t have to worry. I use it in almost all my bags. Just wanted to share another great product.

  5. Hi Kristina it is so nice to find a sew along for something besides a quilt. I don’t see where the price is for the Sew along. Please let me know where to find it. Thanks

    • centerstreetquilts says:

      Hi Debbie,
      The sew along is free to join (just sign up by using the link to the form), but you will need to have purchased the pattern to join in. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  6. I’m glad for the sew-along! I’d bought the pattern but – imagine this! – didn’t download it and thanks to today’s email, I went looking for it. Found my order on etsy and got it! printing NOW! I’ll be ready!!!

    • centerstreetquilts says:

      Hi Annette,
      I’m hoping to share some videos on instagram this next week (before the sew along) on a few different ways to help get the zipper pull back on. 🙂

  7. Wow, thanks for the list to the supplies! I saw the email about the Sew Along and thought it was cute enough that I’d like to give it a try (I have a few tablets that need pouches but honestly didn’t feel like digging back into my pattern vault to find something). A list of materials I didn’t have would have been enough to dissuade me but the links to the places I already shop like Missouri Star and Amazon made it easy enough to order what I needed and have it before the Sew Along begins. So I bought what I needed (including the pattern) and look forward to the 19th!

    • centerstreetquilts says:

      Hi Kristen,
      I’m so glad you were able to find everything you need! I know when I started making pouches, I was a little unsure about the supplies, too, so I’m happy that the list is useful. 🙂

    • centerstreetquilts says:

      Hi Denise,
      The sew along itself is free–you just need to sign up using the link I’ve posted above. However, you will need to purchase the pattern to be able to make the pouch. 🙂 Hope that helps.

    • centerstreetquilts says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      When I buy zippers by the yard, I purchase a color that I know I’d use multiple times. I usually prefer at least 3 yards so that I know I can use it on multiple projects. Then when I’m making a pouch, I pull out my bin of zippers to see what color works best with my fabric. Hope that helps!

  8. Hi! I have made one Hemingway pouch already and used flannel as the “batting” because I don’t want it too rigid. Are there any other inexpensive and lightweight options I could use?

    • centerstreetquilts says:

      Hi Janine,
      I’ve used scrap pieces of low-loft batting (such as Hobbs Heirloom or Warm and Natural) and that has worked great.

  9. looking forward to your sew along…I have your pattern already….

    I just broke my left arm on Monday…plates and screws on Tuesday……I don’t think I can sew at this time…but want follow you
    Thanks Karen Barrie

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