To get a head-start on handmade holiday gifts, I’m hosting TWO sew alongs in December! Yay! To simplify things for me (and you), there is one sign up form for both sew alongs (you can sign up HERE). That means you just need to sign up once and you’ll receive the daily tips and tricks for both patterns.

If you can’t sew along with me in December, you can still sign up to receive the emails! That way, you’ll have all the tips and tricks saved in your inbox for when you are ready to sew.

The sew alongs will be held the first two weeks of December with the Holland Pouch running from December 4th -11th and the schedule below:


And the Alpen Belt Bag Sew Along running from December 11th -15th with the schedule below:


A few details on how the sew alongs will work:

  • The sew alongs are free to join, but to make the bags, you will need the corresponding pattern. You can find the Holland Pouch pattern HERE and the Alpen Belt Bag pattern HERE.
  • Sign up for the sew alongs HERE. Again, you just need to enter your info in this one form and you will receive the emails for both sew alongs. You can participate in one or both, but having one sign up will help keep things simplified.
  • Gather your supplies and be ready to sew on the start date(s). I have some supply links below if you’re looking for recommendations on where to find certain materials for the patterns.
  • Once the sew along starts, you’ll receive an email every day detailing that day’s task. There are no “live” or “in-person” parts of the sew along, so you can complete the task at your own pace. If you follow along with the daily schedule, you’ll have a completed bag by the end of the week! You are also welcome to work ahead and finish ahead of schedule, or if you miss a day or two, you can catch up when you have the time.
  • I’ll be sharing daily videos on my instagram account HERE. These videos will show parts of the process and will hopefully be a big help to those of us that are newer to bag making and/or visual learners.

If you’re looking for recommendations on places to find supplies, I’ve compiled a list below. You can find the supplies needed for the Holland Pouch and Alpen Belt Bag in the corresponding pattern or in the pattern listing in my pattern shop.

Stitch Supply Co:
Zippers: Neon, Stripes, and so many other colors.
1 1/2″ Webbing: Solid Cotton colors or Webbing with designs (just double check that the width is 1 1/2″ wide for the Alpen Belt Bag).
Alpen Belt Bag Hardware Kit (they’ve put together the pieces you need for the Alpen Belt Bag pattern–just choose what color you’d like!)
Alpen Belt Bag Kit (this has the hardware needed plus zipper, webbing, and fabric!!).

Knot and Thread
Alpen Belt Bag Finishing Kit: includes everything except the fat quarters!!

Georgia Girl Stitches:
1 1/2″ Cotton Webbing (just double check that the width is 1 1/2″ wide for the Alpen Belt Bag).

ZipIt Etsy Shop:
Great selection of zippers in lots of colors and sizes (I like their size #4.5 long-pull zippers–just make sure you get a long enough zipper for the pattern you’re making).

Zipper Valley:
Huge selection of zippers, webbing, and hardware (again, for the Alpen Belt Bag, just make sure that the webbing and hardware are the same size!)

Missouri Star Quilt Co:
Rose Gold Hardware (a bit harder to find!): 1 1/2″ Triangle, 1 1/2″ Swivel Hook, 1 1/2″ Strap Slider.

By Annie Zippers by the yard in a lot of color options.
Rose Gold zippers by the yard (I love these because the zippers look metal, but are vinyl).
Soft and Stable (this package is enough to do multiple projects).

Ma Tante Quilting (for Canadian bag makers)
Alpen Belt Bag Kit with everything except the fabric!
Hardware, zippers, webbing, and Soft and Stable to purchase supplies individually with great prices for shipping to Canada.

Let’s get planning our bags and collecting the materials so we’re all ready on December 4th!

I’m so excited to sew along with you!



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