Today I’m sharing some tips and tricks for basting and quilting the Holland Pouch quilted panel. You can find The Holland Pouch pattern HERE then follow along with the steps below for additional information on making the quilted panel.

Block 8th


Block 10th


Block 12th


Block 14th


Block 16th

If you’re looking for easy machine quilting designs, I have a short video on instagram with several simple ideas. You can watch the video by clicking HERE.

I’m excited to see your Holland Pouches! As you share photos of your pouch, please tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #thehollandpouch so I can find your photos! And, as always, if you have any questions, please ask them below! 


Happy Sewing!


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5 thoughts on “The Holland Pouch – Tips and Tricks for Basting and Quilting

  1. Catherine DeGennaro says:

    Hello..I’m a new fan of the Holland Pouch and City Street Quilts. I will be ordering the pattern soon. My question is about zipper selection. It appears that in some photos you have used a wide striped zip?? Can you offer some zipper details? (Where to purchase, etc.)

  2. I have the pattern and plan on making it soon. Is there a step-by-step video tutorial? I’ve seen the time lapse on insta and as a newcomer, need a bit more guidance.

  3. I love this pattern and just want to keep making them! Mine turned out great! Fir anyone looking, there is video tutorials on Instagram that were helpful.

  4. Cynthia Gottlieb says:

    I purchased your Holland Pouch because I saw Emily Dennis (Quilty Love) made the most adorable one using bottom half in vinyl. I have a general idea how to assemble this pouch (as I have made the duffle) but how big would I cut the vinyl? Do I follow the instructions the same way once I have the vinyl sewn to the fabric? Emily says she doesn’t have any instructions as she just followed along with everyone during a retreat where they made this. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

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