Meet the Alpen Belt Bag Pattern (available in my shop HERE)! The Alpen Bag is a quilted zipper pouch that’s easy to wear cross-body for both daily use and exciting adventures. The main zipper compartment is perfect for a wallet plus phone, while the two interior slip pockets help keep smaller items contained.

If you’d like to make your own Alpen Belt Bag join me for a Sew Along the week of Monday, May 15th. We’ll have small assignments each day, where I’ll share tips, tricks, and videos, and by Friday, May 19th, we’ll have completed our bags! You can sign up to receive the daily Sew Along emails by clicking HERE.

And for those wanting some recommendations for the supplies needed, I’ve got you covered! The Supply Requirements are below, along with a list of shops and items I’ve personally ordered from before. Just make sure when you’re looking at options that you choose 1 1/2″ wide webbing/strapping and 1 1/2″ wide hardware so they are compatible. If you have additional shop or product recommendations, please share in the comments!

Stitch Supply Co:
Zippers: Neon, Stripes, and so many other colors
1 1/2″ Webbing: Solid Cotton colors or Webbing with designs (just double check that the width is 1 1/2″ wide).
Alpen Belt Bag Hardware Kit (they’ve put together the pieces you need for the pattern–just choose what color you’d like!)

Georgia Girl Stitches:
1 1/2″ Cotton Webbing (so many colors!!)
Webbing with designs (just double check that the width is 1 1/2″ wide).

ZipIt Etsy Shop:
Great selection of zippers in lots of colors and sizes (I like their size #4.5 long-pull zippers–make sure to get at least 16″ long for the Alpen pattern)

Missouri Star Quilt Co:
Rose Gold Hardware (a bit harder to find!): 1 1/2″ Triangle, 1 1/2″ Swivel Hook, 1 1/2″ Strap Slider.

By Annie Zippers by the yard in a lot of color options
Rose Gold zippers by the yard (I love these because the zippers look metal, but are vinyl)
Soft and Stable (this package is enough to do multiple projects)

Ma Tante Quilting (for Canadian bag makers)
Hardware, zippers, webbing, and Soft and Stable with great prices for shipping to Canada



I’m so excited to share this pattern with you!


13 thoughts on “Alpen Belt Bag Pattern + Sew Along

    • centerstreetquilts says:

      Hi Jackie,
      I’m so glad you want to join! There aren’t any live portions, as we have participants around the world. I’ll be sending out an email each day and posting prerecorded videos on my instagram account. Then everyone can sew at their own pace when they have time available. 🙂

    • I found this info and it’s September! Do you have the tutorials recorded?? I’m better with visual than written when sewing. Thank you!

  1. Tafta Watson says:

    Kristina, you have done it again. You have another cute, but functional item. You are amazing. I love your designs. I also love how willing you are to share and help others. You are not only talented; you are wonderful!
    I hope you and your family are doing well.

  2. So excited! Just ordered a couple kits to make some of these cute bags! I’ll definitely be using the videos.

  3. I have no templates for top stitching. Is there a way to do them yourself? I only do squares etc. I would like to try a different pattern before I invest in templates. Looking forward to the sew-along!

  4. So I bought the pattern and would have loved to have been able to follow a video to sew along to. But sadly did not find a complete video (I only saw an abbreviated version on instagram)> However, completed the bag successfully as the written instructions and illustrations were excellent, so thank you.

    Even my strong sewing machine struggled at times with the bindings as I used an acrylic high loft batting so the layers were thick. I wonder if other machines would be able to cope at all?

    Any chance of adding additional measurements if we want a larger pouch? I think a slightly larger size would be more useful to me personal.


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