Last month while I was at a quilting retreat, several of my friends made themselves a Holland Duffle bag and there were a few of the discarded quilted boxy corner cut-offs floating around the sewing space. Meg from Monograms for Makers saw potential in those small cut-offs and made a couple tiny pouches. I was in love with the result and she gave me her blessing in turning the idea into into a free bonus pattern for those wanting to repurpose the boxy corner cut-offs.


The Bonus Bag is teeny tiny, but oh so cute! If you’re up to the challenge of reusing the boxy corner cut-off in a fun way, the Bonus Bag Pattern can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.



And for those of you who tossed the boxy corner cut-offs in the trash or haven’t made a Holland Duffle yet, I do have a short note in there about how you can quickly whip up a small quilted piece to make your own Bonus Bag.

Happy sewing!


3 thoughts on “Bonus Bag from the Holland Duffle Boxy Corner Cut-Offs

  1. ROTHA BUGTER says:

    I honestly can not wait to start. Work has kept me busy. Ahhh. Thankyou so much for your help & the extra pattern regards Rotha

  2. Candace Pope says:

    What machine do you use and how well does it perform? I made a Holland pouch and had to hand crank over thick areas. I need a machine for garments and bags, quilts, and would love your opinion. Thanks!

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