I’ve added a new tiny foundation paper pieced pattern to my collection! Tiny House was created a little by accident—I was actually making a different design and suddenly had the idea to do a super tiny house with a little flower box outside the window.

Tiny House is very beginner friendly (the pattern only has one section! 🙌) and it comes in two size options: 3” x 3” and 6” x 6” (these three tiny houses are the 3” size).

And to make that tiny flower box even cuter, I added some hand embroidered flowers onto the mint house! I used some of my favorite Aurifloss thread and french knots to quickly add some dimension to the tiny quilt block. It creates a big impact with just a little extra work. 🙂 For reference, the mint fabric is Kisses (in Sweet Mint) from Riley Blake Designs and the Aurifloss colors I used are: 2530 (Blossom Pink), 2423 (Baby Pink), 2888 (Fern Green), 1148 (Light Jade), and 2120 (Canary).

You can find the Tiny House foundation paper pieced quilt block pattern in my Etsy shop HERE.

Happy sewing!

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